Ask her about her life story….

Lucy Hedrick is a five-time author and publishing consultant who since 1990 has coached dozens of writers on how to prepare a nonfiction book proposal, which is the document by which one brings his idea and credentials to agents and publishers. In addition, she speaks to alumni, library and bookstore audiences about "How to get published in the 21st Century." She is the author of Five Days to an Organized Life (Dell, 1990), 365 Ways to Save Time, (William Morrow, 1992), 365 Ways to Save Time with Kids (William Morrow, 1993), 365 Ways to Save Money (William Morrow, 1994), and Get Organized in the Digital Age (NAL, 2002). These five titles sold more than 200,000 copies and were translated into eight languages. In 2011, she finished her first novel, Premarital Assets.

Lucy was born in Chicago and raised in the northern suburb of Glencoe, the older of two children. She attended the public elementary school, a private country day school for high school and then journeyed east to college at Goucher, outside of Baltimore, where she majored in music history and sang in the glee club. She has roamed the eastern seaboard ever since.

Pursuing her love of music, Lucy's first job was in the finance office of the Boston Symphony as Payroll Manager, where her level head and organizing skills were immediately apparent. Subsequent responsibilities included hiring the guest soloists and conductors, arranging rehearsal schedules, solo pianos, etc. Lucy enjoyed spending July and August at Tanglewood in Lenox, MA, summer home of the Symphony. A move to Philadelphia brought her to the Office of Alumni Relations at the University of Pennsylvania. A highlight of her tenure there was accompanying the Penn Glee Club, who sang at a Boston Pops concert, where once again Lucy roamed the corridors of Symphony Hall.

Marriage brought Lucy to Old Greenwich, CT, and the birth of her son, Tod Hedrick, followed soon after. While Tod was small, she busied herself as a freelance journalist, contributing articles to local papers and magazines. Fellow writers observed that she had no trouble meeting deadlines or organizing her research and suggested she write about it.

Lucy parlayed the contents of her best-selling books into keynote speeches and training seminars. Moreover, she has been a media spokesperson for the time- and money-saving products of Dayton-Hudson, Kraft General Foods, Filofax, Black & Decker and Quaker Oats.

From 1995-1999, Lucy worked at InfoEdge, Inc., a technology publishing and marketing company in Stamford, CT. Her first position was Managing Editor, where she directed the publication of more than 30 book-length technology reports, after which she was promoted to Sales Manager.

Today, Lucy is member of the National League of American PEN Women, the Entrepreneurial Women's Network, and Sarasota Fiction Writers.