Ask her about her Book Proposal coaching….


You want to write a book - specifically, a nonfiction book for adults? Then you need to write a book proposal, which is the industry standard for attracting a literary agent or publisher. For nonfiction, writers should get a contract before they write their books. I help authors with their book concept, marketing hook, competition research and promotion plan. I use a "success model" for payment, that is, I do not receive final payment until the author signs a contract to publish their book.

Here is a brief description of how I work with authors: my fee is $ 5,000 to edit the author’s creation of an "Irresistible" book proposal. That’s my deliverable. I receive $ 2,500 up front, and $ 2,500 AFTER you sign a contract with a publisher (that is, receive an advance). We work side by side, as it were, polishing off each section until the proposal, and the sample chapter(s), are "irresistible."

It is not uncommon for an author to approach me after they already have a proposal. In that case, I charge $ 500 for a critical look at your material, and provide, if necessary, specific, written recommendations for its improvement. If you then elect to hire me to re-write the proposal, that
$ 500 is applied to the $ 2,500 starting fee.

Finally, I cannot guarantee any author will get a contract, but I do guarantee that your proposal will be "seriously considered." However, I "screen" authors before I decide to work with them, that is, I determine, to the best of my knowledge, that you have a fabulous idea and a captivating writing style.

To get you thinking, these are the sections of an "Irresistible" Nonfiction Book Proposal:

  • Book Concept
  • About the book
  • The Market
  • The Competition
  • About the author
  • Promotion
  • Table of Contents
  • Chapter Summaries
  • Sample chapter(s)